Palestinian fine artist with a degree in business administration and plastic artist by nature.
I participated in many local and international group exhibitions and participated in many international and local competitions.


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Last my artwork within the Beyond Nature Collection - Rabid nymphs. 2021

"Most homosexuals who seek delicious lyrical physical relationships with a teenage girl are strange characters and are harmless, and even peaceful and relented, they ask society no more than to allow them to follow their harmless behavior called abnormal behavior. All they ask is that they engage in their sexual aberration, which is practically harmless and quiet without the society and the police being informed of the whip of torment.
We do not rape girls, as soldiers do in the golden days, we are men who are polite and polite to discipline the student and we are sufficiently self-respecting to control our incentives in front of adult girls;
Yes, we're not killers. Poets never commit murders... "
From Lolita's Novel - By Vladimir Nabokov

Oil on canvas - 115*141 cm - 2021

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First my artwork this year 2021 - Lover
Oil on canvas - 120*150 CM
Now that all the fires that devoured mercilessly have subsided, the last cloud that lasted for a long time shadows me, I can collect my kit of paintings and colors, and stand on the edge of the deserted coast, take back the hidden whining, then start walking alone on the surface of the sea, and I don't know to What longing will this departure lead me towards the storm of painting, except that the orphan wave that formed the moment I entered and separated from the rest and me, will solidarity with me in my search for a white shade that identified with light and water ...
Whenever I put my fingers on the touch of the piano, I felt you here in a space of light! Standing on the edge of a heart that refuses to surrender to forgetfulness, you listen carefully to a voice in me that resembles you to the point of a strange assimilation.
I play no because I desire to seduce you with the flame of my fingers only, but because I fear the silence of the stones and the tremor of the graves. My bet, dear, I want to wake you from a nap of wandering so that you do not forget that I'm here, a woman of cloud milk and the fragility of the lover's gaze.
Always here to realize that I'm still alive, and that my fingers that love you willn't ask permission for the killers who stole your childhood virginity to play the anthem of the soul.
A sense of security is the most important thing for any woman in a society that hasn't severed its relationship with its masculinity! The feeling of emptiness and uselessness is extremely harmful.
What makes us true lovers is our euphoria that we have become part of the necessities of another.
The problem is that we live in a state of imbalance even in our intimate relationships. In a male-dominated society we need an insane effort to reach the depths of those we love and crave.
The woman refuses to remain secondary and on the surface. Mental perception. imagine? Even God is fashioned masculine in the human unconscious in all languages ​​of the world, which in many cases makes us distant from Him. Who do you imagine female angels? How do angels live without their females? Their life must be dry!
We need angels haunted by fragility and not power, when we complain of our sorrows and our wounds, they bend their heads with love and silence, as humble lovers do.
In this case, man remained faithful to his inheritance, a slave to his animalism associated with domination and power, and didn't raise his hidden senses that build his deep humanity. Sense of drawing is one of them? I feel a bit strange about it, but once I return to public life I find it difficult to cope with my day.
It is nice that drawing is the sense that awakens our wonderful buried things, and it may also remind us of our abhorrent savages, and the warmest point of us as well