It's Sunday night in the Philippines and it is about to rain because I can hear thunders already. . . . . . Blessings from God. Thank you Lord.

Metro Manila, Philippines still on General Community Quarantine (GCQ) until July 15,2020 amid the presence of the virus that's making the world upside down!!!!

Hi everybody. Keep safe. That's what we should do to keep the virus away.

Well,well, well. The National Capital Region, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES continue to enjoy General quarantine among other regions until 30 June 2020, inspite of the rise and fall in the number of people affected and recovered. Establishments are allowed to open bu to implement strictly social distancing to avoid catching any virus around. Wearing of masks is strictly followed, curfew is observed.

And peopme get back to their feet after more than 2 months on lockdown.