Best web hosting service of 2020 : Top host providers for websites

We have reviewed (and are continuously re-reviewing) well over 100 web hosting providers and website builders so we know of what stuff the absolute top website hosting services are made of. No one actively reviews more web hosting sevices in-house than us.


Choosing the right web host provider seems like a daunting task with so many technical terms to grasp and hundreds of suitors to choose from. Should you go for ashared hosting provider? Or just get alanding page? How muchbandwidthdo I really need? Should I getemail accountsas well? How much should Ipay for my web hosting? What aboutCDNandSSL?

The answer, as any seasoned web hosting expert will tell you, is it depends. After all, we have different needs depending on our circumstances. Businesses requirements, for example, are different from an individual website.

Keep an eye on promotions in the last quarter of 2020 as some of our partners are gearing up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even eyeing Christmas for tasty coupons and discounts.